How would you like to have ideal clients say YES to working with you on the FIRST sales consultation?

That would be pretty great, right?!

How would you like to....

  • Cut your sales cycle in half?
  • Feel confident on sales calls?
  • Get more IDEAL clients saying yes to working in your highest price point program?



What you get:

STEP 1: Questionnaire

In order to create a custom sales script for you and YOUR Ideal Clients, I have to get to KNOW you and your business inside and out. When you fill out my specific questionnaire, I will be able to create a sales script that feels NATURAL to you and you can communicate with confidence.

Step 2: 1-1 Session

Once I have gotten to know your business, we will hop on a short 10-20 min chat so I can ask follow up questions to make sure this is perfect for YOU and will get you MORE Yeses!

Step 3: I Create a Customized Script for YOU

I will get to work finding the right questions and talking points for your sales script so that you feel amazing on sales calls and get more ideal clients to say yes. Within 5 business days, you will receive your custom script as well as talking points to overcome any objection and you will be ready to convert clients immediately.

Step 4: Q&A

Finally, I definitely won't leave you hanging to implement this alone! In a 10-20 min follow up call, we will make any tweaks necessary, go over any questions you have in implementing this and you will be off to the races. You will be getting more Yeses in NO time!


I have the perfect solution for all of that.

It’s called Irresistible Sales Pages and it
teaches you how to design a sales page that:

1. Attracts your dream customers

2. Makes it easy for them to buy your offer

3. Converts like crazy

A well designed sales page is a game changer.

With your totally irresistible sale page, you can:

Besides being able to design gorgeous sales pages for your next big ideas, you’ll also be able to:

This program doesn't just cover what needs to go on your sales page but I'm also going to show you how to design your actual sales page. We’ll be using my favorite platform, OptimizePress to design pages on your WordPress site.

Why I Created This Course

Hi there. I’m Amanda Genther.

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m a designer and digital strategist for some of the most passionate and purpose-driven women entrepreneurs around the world. In fact, 75% of my clients are in Australia. Cool, right?)

I’ve been helping women launch their crazy awesome ideas into the world for the past 4 years and there’s nothing that gets me more excited than seeing an idea come to life.

It truly drives me.

The one thing I didn’t like so much?

Having to turn people away who couldn’t afford me. (This is particularly not fun when you know how awesome their idea would be with the right design and you’re starting that design in your head already.)

I know from working on my own launches how overwhelming managing all the moving pieces can be. It’s a lot of work, and it can seriously kill your creative mojo and take over your life if you let it.

From my own launch experience and what I see when I help my clients with launches, I know one thing to be true —

Launching is not a solo sport. It’s sooooo much better with a wing woman.

Maybe you’re not in a position to hire out a designer or launch strategist, but you still deserve to have a wing woman helping you get that idea out into the world. And that’s where Irresistible Sales Pages comes in.


What you get when you join Irresistible Sales Pages

2 high-converting sales page templates for OptimizePress

Yes, OptimizePress includes templates, but they won’t cut it unless you want to look like your red and black website is from the early days of the internet. For this program, I’ve designed 2 exclusive templates to choose from (and more being added after the course starts), I’m sure there’s one that will work for your offer. They are perfect for your online-based business and give you a framework for a pretty and profitable sales page. With these templates, the layout is done for you (the most important part), so all that’s left is to:

  • Easily add your own sales page copy
  • Add your photos, backgrounds and patterns (I’ll show you how!)
  • Customize your colors and fonts (We’ve got an awesome resource guide that will help you choose the perfect colors for your sales page)

If you like this sales page, then you're going to LOVE the sales page templates!

Step-by-step video tutorials

For those who prefer video over text, the course is built around the screencast tutorials of me walking you through each step. If you’re more technically inclined, you’ll be able to easily skip everything you already know. These tutorials are broken down into bite-size chunks, so you don’t have to be a tech whiz to learn everything you need.

Lifetime access to all of the material + updates

As an ISP founding member, you’ll stay up-to-date with the ideas and trends that matter when it comes to designing profitable sales pages.  If I create new sales page design templates, improve the existing designs to make them even more irresistible and conversion-focused, add more options for customizing your content, etc., you’ll get access to all of those updates.

Exclusive membership to the ISP community

The private Facebook group is there for you to connect with the other founding members to share what you’re creating, get feedback and cheer each other along. Magic happens  when you have a group of people that GET what you’re doing and you’ll have a shoulder to lean on when you run into a stumbling block.


What tools will I need?

No Photoshop skills required! To make this course as accessible as possible, I’ll be showing you how to create all of your graphics, backgrounds and icons using the free design tool, Canva. Besides that, you’ll also need a clean domain with WordPress installed and a license for OptimizePress ($97).

Oh, and let’s not forget
about the bonuses

(You definitely won’t want to miss these)

These bonuses are all included in this round of ISP:

Bonus 1: Sales Page Copy Framework

with Sales Page Copywriter, Courtney Johnston

You’ll get access to this bonus as soon as you sign up. Courtney is going to take you through the ins and outs of creating sale page copy that connect with your audience and helps you close more sales. She’ll explain what elements you need on your sales page to motivate your visitors and turn them into buyers and for them to feel confident buying from you.

Bonus 2: Launch Plan Checklist

with eCourse Launch Strategist + Coach, Kathryn Hocking

Have you ever sat down to plan your launch and quickly wanted to run? Or worse yet you felt the weight of overwhelm on your chest? Kathryn’s checklist will walk you step-by-step through your launch from start to finish and send your overwhelm packing.  You’ll have the details covered and be ready to launch with confidence.

Bonus 3: Social Proof that Sells

with Communications Strategist, Maggie Patterson

Learn the fine art of social proof and how it can help you sell more during your next launch. Did you know that social proof is more motivating to buyers than a discount? Maggie will share how to use social proof to its full potential during your launch and help you avoid doing things that negatively impact your results.

As a member of the ISP founding class, you’ll have a level of support and input into additional trainings and resources as you need them. You’re getting in on the ground floor of a new way of doing things, and I’m committed to your success.


And for everyone that signs up
during early enrollment (August 17-20),
you also get a few special bonuses.

$100 off the regular enrollment fee

Everyone loves to save a little change, so getting in early will be a big bonus to your wallet. Become an early member of the founding class and you’ll save $100 off the regular enrollment fee. You’ll never see this price happen again.

First dibs at the VIP Pass only available to 10 people

The VIP Pass members will receive a custom video review of their sales page where I’ll provide personal feedback based on your completed page you build during the course. You’ll be able to tweak your page using my feedback so your irresistible page is at it’s absolute finest. (The video review is good for up to 3 months after the course starts.)

Ready to design your very own irresistible sales page?

Invest $197
to learn how to design ALL of your sales pages for every offer you create.

You’ll get down to business alongside a professional designer and never be waiting on someone else’s schedule or paying $2000+ for a sales page again. Plus, you’ll have a one way ticket out of amateurville forever with sales pages that will make your dream clients desire absolutely everything you sell.

This is a one-time, introductory price for Irresistible Sales Pages only available to the founding class starting in September 2015.






or 3 monthly payments of $102

  • Lifetime access to ALL course videos, workbooks and membership site
  • 2 (exclusive) high-converting sales page templates for OptimizePress
  • Exclusive membership to the ISP community




or 3 monthly payments of $170

  • Lifetime access to ALL course videos, workbooks and membership site
  • 2 (exclusive) high-converting sales page templates for OptimizePress
  • Exclusive membership to the ISP community
  • Personal video review of your sales page by Amanda



100% Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be happy with your investment in ISP, so you can request a refund within the first 14 days by sharing your completed homework, link to live sale page and receipt. (We just need that to make sure you’re not being wishy washy and that what I’ve taught you is legit. Which it totally is, otherwise I’d be out of the design biz pretty quick, right?)

Here’s what happens, once you purchase:

You’ll receive an email with your confirmation and next steps so you can get start crafting your offer and sales page copy right away and be ready for day 1 of the program.

Inside this email, you’ll find information and download links to:

  • A Getting Started Kit that includes information on installing WordPress on your domain, purchasing an OptimizePress license and installing OptimizePress on your domain.
  • Bonus #1: Sales Page Copy Masterclass video with Courtney Johnston.

During the week of August 31st, I’ll start welcoming everyone into the private Facebook community to introduce yourself and tell us about the offer you’re creating a sales page for.

On the first day of class (September 9th), you’ll get your login details and access info for the first lesson.

Still have questions?

Do I have to be a techie?

Not really. You definitely need to be comfy with WordPress basics and a few other things, but you don’t need to know HTML or CSS to make this work for you. That’s the beauty of OptimizePress!


What software do I need?

The good news, is we’ll be using software and tech that you already have including WordPress and your email service provider (Mailchimp, aWeber, Infusionsoft, etc.). You will also need an OptimizePress license if you don’t have one already. You can purchase your license here. You’ll need the “Core” package for $97.


I’m new to design. Is this right for me?

Totally. You’re going to learn some basics of design that you’ll be able to take away and apply to your sales page, and your business overall.


Is copywriting included?

No. Copy isn’t included, but there are some amazing bonuses related to copy that will help you cover the basics. Plus, you’ll have access to my list of favorite copywriters if you decide you need to bring in a pro.

How much WordPress do I need to know?

Just the basics including how to install a theme, create a new page and edit text on the page. There will be tutorials to help you fill in the rest, and our go-to tech girl will be available each week to answer your questions.


Can my VA take this course?

That’s totally up to you. If you think they’re a good fit and can handle this for your launch, by all means.


Can I get a refund if ISP isn’t a good fit?

I want you to be happy with your investment in ISP, so you can request a refund within the first 14 days by sharing your completed homework, link to live sale page and receipt. (We just need that to make sure you’re not being wishy washy and that what I’ve taught you is legit. Which it totally is, otherwise I’d be out of the design biz pretty quick, right?)


Did you use OptimizePress for this sales page?

You betcha, I did! I figured I should practice what I preach and show you the possibilities you’ll have with this program.