Attract and Enroll High Ticket Soulmate Clients™

Sustainable Soulmate Client™ Attraction - 9 Month Private Coaching Program

For Business Owners already successfully making $50-100k/year+ who:

  • are working more than 60+hours/week trying to keep up
  • have clients that are NOT ideal - they drain your energy, zap your time, complain and ask for freebies, discounts and extra
  • don't really value your strengths or expertise
  • are wasting tons of time each week on sales calls and marketing that does NOT convert
  • putting hours into custom proposals, in-person meetings, marathon phone calls, chasing clients down for months, only to have them tell you: "maybe later"
  • want to raise your rates, but clients are already complaining that you are too expensive

This is right for you if you are ready to start attracting SOULMATE clients™ only at PREMIUM prices. Transform your business from feast and famine to consistency AND grow your income and profit.

Time and time again, I talk to people who have reached this level only to have their business feel more like a prison than their day job. They are still passionate about the work, but each day, they feel further and further away from the impact they want to make. They feel that they have to choose between money and creativity. More money and more fulfilling work. More money and more freedom.

For people at this level, I have created an exclusive 1-1 9 Month coaching and mentorship program for people who are ready to up-level their income (without sacrificing their freedom, creativity, or passions).

Why 9 months?

First 90 days are about setting up the STRUCTURE of your six figure/multiple six figure business. You need the framework and the boundaries to be clear, so they help you reach your financial and time off goals, but also make sure you are in alignment with your strengths, gifts and interests in your business. Create the framework to reach your income goals, and make sure your calendar feels freeing and fulfilling.

In the first 90 days, we will make sure you have:

• A lucrative niche that aligns with your zone of genius

• A high ticket offer that energizes you, and is irresistible to soulmate clients

• A profit plan which will give you clarity on what needs to happen to reach your income goals

• A marketing and sales plan of action, so you are clear on your day to day actions to reach your goals.

In months 4-9, we will do a deep dive into SUSTAINABLE soulmate client attraction and success. This is about:

• Navigating decision making so that you are always in alignment with your goals and your true purpose

• Diagnosing the problems that arise preventing you from reaching your goals - what isn't working? And how do I fix it?

• Loving how the day to day of your business FEELS. Ensuring that you have the emotional and psychological tools to transform your relationship with money, marketing, and sales, so that your business feels like a gift, not a burden.

• Setting clear client boundaries, so that you feel less overwhelmed, can take time off guilt-free, and really feel valued for your expertise (without losing your financial success)

• Stretching your goals to reach even higher levels of success and impact

Once my clients have a clear plan of what to do, this alone gets incredible results. But most people can take action on a strong plan for a short period of time. To be able to sustainably, consistently take action on that plan, to reach your bigger goals, and definitely in order to stretch yourself to bigger dreams -- you have to focus on how the action feels. The more energized and inspired you feel by the actions you have chosen to grow your business, the more sustainable your business will be, the more scalable it will be. The more drained and burdened, the more you will stagnate or even fail. And this is why in months 4-9 we have to focus on the inner game of your business, your own personal psychology of potential and success - so that you not only create the financial success, influence, prestige, and impact that you desire, but your insides feel as good as the outside looks. There is nothing worse than building yourself a pair of golden handcuff you see no escape from. I created this program not just to get the income you want (of course that is a nice side effect!), but to truly feel creatively and financially free.

What is included, for 9 months you get:

• 2x/mo 30-45 min 1-1 coaching session with me

• unlimited email coaching

• private, clients-only facebook group

• Step by step business foundations training modules for the first 60 days, and supplementary inner game training modules thereafter.

• PLUS a 1-1 VIP day with me

There are very limited openings in this program, and it is by invitation only. I am looking for  3 highly ambitious, already successful service-based business owners who are committed and ready to go to the next level. Because for a limited time, I am offering this for a lower introductory investment, and more 1-1 attention and time with me.

So if this is you, and what you want, click here to apply now. And make sure you indicate an interest in PRIVATE coaching. 


PS - the program focuses on wealth mindset, messaging, and making sure your business is in alignment with your authentic purpose, that you are doing work in your unique strengths, gifts, passions and interests. I do teach basic marketing strategy and tactics. Enough structure and skills that I have had clients reach their first $50k/mo. But, you may reach a point where you need or want additional advanced marketing strategy and tactics beyond the scope of the program and my expertise. I will help you evaluate those decisions in the context of your business and purpose.

PPS every once in a while, I will consider a highly ambitious new business owner who is committed to success and excellence and wants the 1-1 accountability, focus, and support.



8 Weeks to High Ticket Soulmate Clients™ -

Premium Bootcamp

For new and successful business owners:

In this 8 week intimate group program will give you everything you need to:

  • Find where your ideal clients (that are going to pay you $2,000-$15,000) have been hiding
  • Close them inside 24-48 hours (no more long sales cycles)
  • 10x the value of every new customer so you need a much smaller tribe to reach your income goals of $10k/mo, and hit your first $15-20k/mo.

The first 3 weeks we get you clear on: your profit plan, your zone of genius, and knowing your soulmate client™ inside and out. And package your services in a way that energizes you and is irresistible to them.

The remaining 5 weeks are all about focusing on money-making activities: finding and enrolling ideal clients into your premium package during the 8 weeks. After week 3, each week you will focus on mastering specific marketing and sales skills (in a specific order) so that the actions you are taking create 10x the impact with the same amount of effort. No adding to your to do list, only making your actions MORE effective at enrolling soulmate clients™.

And on top of that, it is important to me that not only do you achieve the results you want, but you LOVE the day to day work of building your business. And giving you the tools to do that.

This 8 week intensive includes personal attention, so we require an application to ensure you are a good fit for the group and the program.

Want to learn more? Click here.

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