Heart to Heart Sales Conversations That Convert

Learn how to have authentic, heart to heart sales conversations with prospects that CONVERT. No more feeling pushy or sleazy, but also no more robbing your prospects of the transformation they will get from working with you by letting them keep their excuses. Whether that is a transformation of their body, their home, their wardrobe, their business, their career, or their love life.

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  • 1

    Day 1: Authentic Sales Conversations That Set You Up to Get More Yeses

    On the first day of the challenge, we are going to talk about what an authentic sales conversation is, what it feels like, why it results in more yeses, and how to start having them immediately.

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    Day 2: Overcoming Nerves Before Your Sales Calls, and Dread Making the Offer (+ How to Feel Confident and Close More Clients Instead)

    We will break it down even further to the two biggest parts of a sales call people lose their confidence. We will talk about what to do if you have ever felt so nervous right before a sales call because it is the only prospect all week and you feel like you really *need* this sale. And how to keep your confidence have just had this amazing conversation with a prospect, you are vibing, connecting, and it is time to make the offer, ask for the money, and all of the suddenly you clench up, rush through it, or feel SO scripted you lose all your momentum and connection? BONUS: We will talk about why when you make the offer, you are desperately hoping they say yes, but then feeling kind of relieved when they say no.

  • 3

    Day 3: Why Getting on the Phone is So Crucial to Closing (and How to Stop Being Afraid of the Phone!)

    I get it. I have been there. My clients have been there. “MUST I USE THE PHONE FOR SALES?” “Why can’t I just email them my price and see how they respond?” Here is the good news. This is actually just as much for YOU, as for them. You wouldn’t want to marry someone without going on a few dates right? You don’t want to commit to your prospects before you know them either! In day 3 we will talk about how to finally get over your phone-phobia to show up and serve your prospects powerfully.

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    Day 4: Have Clients Talk Themselves Into Working With You

    Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your prospects talk themselves into working with you? To have them articulate how lucky they would get to be to be in your program or package? To feel like you don’t have to drag them in, but they have convinced themselves? And they are excited to get started, and pay your FULL price right now? On Day 4, we will talk about how to do this without feeling awkward!

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    Day 5: Authentically Overcoming Objections (To Double Your Sales)

    Do you hop off the phone if they tell you, it is too expensive, they want to think about it or ask their spouse? OR, do you feel like you want to grab them through the phone and convince them to say yes? Which leaves you feeling SO icky afterwards? On the final day, we talk about how to LOVINGLY challenge your clients excuses so they can finally get the transformation they know in their heart they desire, without feeling like you are chasing them or convincing them, and getting more yeses in the process.


“Before working with Kristen,  our total revenue was under $5k. Now I have ten clients and most of my clients bring in $3k-15k per client. I love going to work every day.”

Lizabeth Kohler

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