Turn 100 Leads to $20k:

The Workshop

Stop leaving money on the table, and extract the gold mine in your leads (with a big or small list)

Friday, July 8th: 1pm - 5pm

Houston, TX

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  • Imagine you could have your own personal ATM in your business – the ability to create cash on demand when you want it
  • From serving ideal clients who value your unique gifts
  • Because you are seen as THE "go-to" expert in your field
  • AND you have more time for family, friends, vacations and hobbies.

And what if I told you that MORE marketing and advertising wasn’t the answer. That you didn’t have to keep chasing prospects down.

Here is the good news– you get to stop spending so much time and money on marketing that isn’t working! The better news is - you may be sitting on a gold mine already. And the secret to claiming it: serving your clients at an even higher level – helping them get what they want: better, faster, easier, more sustainably.

Sounds great, right?

What I learned from closing over $100 million in sales in commercial real estate, turning 100 leads into $20,000, helping my clients increase their revenue 10 times in 6 months, and extensive money coach training: the most successful people are always thinking about: 1) how to add value to clients and customers, and 2) how to differentiate that value from the competition. To never be seen as a commodity.

The key to converting high paying clients is really all about knowing what THEY value, and the value you bring, and bridging the gap for them in 1-1 conversations (no manipulation, pushiness, or aggressiveness required).

And no more wasting time or energy with prospects that will never see the value or buy.

Ready to get started?

Before working with Kristen, my sales and profits were really terrible. Our total revenue was under $5,000. Each client would bring in a couple hundred dollars. I was not focused on what I can do better than anybody else. After working with Kristen, now, I have ten clients I am working with and I don’t just take any business that comes our way. Now, most of my clients bring in $15k-30k per client. This month alone – I am looking at $50,000. We really know who the target market is, what message we want to convey, and what product I can give them. We now have much better clients who really value my experience, my expertise. They really want a wonderful experience and will pay somebody who is an expert to put that together. I love going to work everyday. I feel like I am really focused on what I can do for people and I really feel good about myself.

Liz Kohler
Liz Kohler Family and Cultural Travel Expert - Family Odysseys

This workshop is perfect for you if you are passionate about what you do and are committed to excellence in your field. I know you are serving your clients at a higher level than your competitors, and your prospects aren’t seeing that. And I want to help them see that – for you, for them.   You take for granted how good you really are. And its my mission in life to help you see that, and to help them see that – so they can have the transformation they deserve, and you have a business that really gives you the opportunity to express your true purpose, your gifts, your strengths.

The Curriculum

Section 1: How to Convert High Paying Clients

  • Identify the “low hanging fruit” opportunities in your business – so that you stop leaving money on the table
  • Master my Magic Yes Formula™– Move prospects from no or maybe to YES.
  • One simple trick to discovering and communicating your value to prospects so they understand

Section 2: The Confidence to Convert

  • Discover your Inner Ideal Client™, so that you can transform your OUTER Ideal Client to match
  • Feel comfortable and at ease in your sales conversations
  • And confident in your ability to convert

You might be sitting on a gold mine and we have to take advantage of that first and foremost. You may do the best marketing in the world, but if you aren’t taking advantage of serving your current prospects and clients, you are wasting money bringing in more that you don’t convert. There is NO higher priority than this in my mind – if you want to be making more money right now.

BUT, there are only 15 spots – so don’t wait, sign up today to claim your spot.

Investment: Only $47

{FAST ACTION BONUS} The first 5 people to sign up will get:

  • 1-1 30 min Money Multiplier Session with me ($497 VALUE)
  • Secret Mindset Formula to Attract Ideal Clients Mini Course ($297 VALUE)

Investment: Only $47


Is this right for me if I have never worked with clients before? if I am starting my business from scratch? +

It only HELPS you to learn how to convert high paying clients 1-1. You won’t have to waste time selling low price points, you can get your prospects and clients used to paying higher rates right up front, and you can differentiate yourself from your competition right away - and learn how to make more money with fewer clients. You will get clear on how to identify what is unique about you and your work, and how to communicate it so the right people will say yes. That being said, your progress, and ability to convert will likely be slower than those with prospect lists and current and past clients. These are essential skills you will need to grow a profitable, sustainable business, it is just less likely you can turn 100 leads into $20k in 30 days – like someone with the infrastructure in place, and confidence can. I have a specific program for people who are looking to get their FIRST clients. Send me an email (kristen@kristenbakercoach.com) with your personal situation and I will make a recommendation about what I think is the best fit for you.

I’ve tried other marketing programs - what makes this different? +

This is not about bringing in MORE leads. Learning sales is going to help you get clear on how to attract the RIGHT leads AND convert high-paying clients 1-1. Mastering sales (as service) helps you SEE how you are different from your competition, and make more money with fewer clients and prospects. This is about identifying what is unique about you and your work, and how to communicate it so the right people will say yes.

This is also bigger than thinking positive and trying to convince yourself and your clients that you have value. This is about the deeper opportunity to see your internal patterns in how you attract (or don't) ideal clients and transform it to what you want.

Of course, if you still have questions if this is right for YOUR - send me an email (kristen@kristenbakercoach.com) with your personal situation and I will make a recommendation about what I think is the best fit for you.

My clients already complain about my high fees. I don't think I can raise my rates. +

I get it. The great thing is, you can transition NEW clients into your higher rates - and get them used to it by being able to communicate your value (and they will gladly pay it). You don't have to lose any clients while also starting to charge and command more. Price is about value. Once you understand and have the confidence to communicate yours, it is easier to get higher rates. And you get less objections.


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