Stop Feeling Guilty Asking For The Money (+Double Your Sales in 2017)

Finally get over the guilt of asking for the money, fall in love with sales so you can get more yeses more easily and more quickly, and get back to doing the work you love!

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    Day 1: Align Your Agenda With Your Prospects

    A big part of the “ick” we feel is that we feel like we are pushing OUR agenda onto someone else. But when you understand how to align your agendas, you no longer feel guilty but in service to your prospects and create win-win outcomes.

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    Day 2: How to Attract Clients Who Can Afford You, No Matter The Price

    Do you dread sharing the price with prospects, cringing waiting to defend it and yourself. Hoping they will believe you? And, it isn’t even *that* high! Today, I am going to talk about attracting people from the get-go who can afford you no matter the price. And, you don’t *just* have to work with rich people either if you don’t want to. You can serve people at all income brackets, and increase your own income.

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    Day 3: Internalizing “Selling As Serving”

    We have all heard it, and maybe you buy it intellectually, but are you living it? Yes, you are helping them achieve a goal, solve a problem. So why do you still feel pushy? Salesy? And why aren’t you closing as many sales as you want as quickly? You have to go from intellectual to integration When you have integrated you will: feel comfortable inviting people into a sales conversation, you won’t dread making the offer, you will feel confident you can deliver. Today I am talking about how to go from intellectual to integration so you can start serving 10 times more people asap.

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    Day 4: Dealing with Emotions in Sales

    From the fear of rejection, to nerves, dread, hope, disappointment. Sales brings it ALL up. In today’s training, I am going to talk about the 2 biggest mistakes people make in dealing with their emotions around sales and what to do instead. So that sales doesn’t feel like a rejection minefield, but a place to authentically connect.

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    Day 5: Finally Free From The Guilt and Resentment

    Imagine what would be possible if you didn’t feel guilty asking for the money? If you knew in your heart, this was a mutually beneficial agreement? Today, I am talking about what you need to do to not only feel free from the guilt of asking for the money, but also how to ensure you keep strong boundaries in your contracts with your clients. No more freebies, discounts or extras - and no more guilt or resentment. Overdeliver without the resentment. Ensure clients walk away with amazing results, and happily refer you without overworking yourself, or compromising your work-life balance.


“Before working with Kristen,  our total revenue was under $5k. Now I have ten clients and most of my clients bring in $3k-15k per client. I love going to work every day.”

Lizabeth Kohler

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