How would you like to have ideal clients say YES to working with you on the FIRST sales consultation?

That would be pretty great, right?!

How would you like to....

  • Cut your sales cycle in half?
  • Feel confident on sales calls?
  • Get more IDEAL clients saying yes to working in your highest price point program?

It is possible with



What you get:

STEP 1: Questionnaire

In order to create a custom sales script for you and YOUR Ideal Clients, I have to get to KNOW you and your business inside and out. When you fill out my specific questionnaire, I will be able to create a sales script that feels NATURAL to you and you can communicate with confidence.

Step 2: I Create a Customized Script for YOU

I will get to work finding the right questions and talking points for your sales script so that you feel amazing on sales calls and get more ideal clients to say yes. Within 5 business days, you will receive your custom script as well as talking points to overcome any objection and you will be ready to convert clients immediately.

Step 3: 1-1 Session

On this 2 hour Skype session I will ask you a series of questions to finalize the script as well as help you nail the mindset to get MORE Yeses right away.

Step 4: Q&A

Finally, I definitely won't leave you hanging to implement this alone! In a 10-20 min follow up call, we will make any tweaks necessary, go over any questions you have in implementing this and you will be off to the races. You will be getting more Yeses in NO time!


Why I Created This Offering

Hi there. I’m Kristen Baker.

I know how frustrating sales calls can feel. And I also know they don't have to.

At a time when the real estate market had plummeted into the biggest recession since the Great Depression, I started my career in the commercial real estate industry. In such a challenging market, to close deals quickly and consistently, I spent a decade perfecting a repeatable sales SYSTEM and formula. And that resulted in over $100 million in sales.

I further enhanced the formula though what I learned by becoming a Certified Jungian Spiritual Psychology Life Coach and Money Coach.

I use and teach this formula to my client, and helped them customize it to their unique brilliance - which has resulted in 10x their revenue in 6 months.

I want to help you do the same.


I know how frustrating sales calls can feel. And I also know they don't have to. Here are my 3 KEYS when it comes to consults that convert:

1) Stop Putting SO Much PRESSURE on The Consult. 

People can say YES to working with you: in an email, on a sales page, in a follow up call, text or email, or even a facebook message. You want to master sales conversations, but sometimes they are just the beginning, not the end. You don’t NEED every single person you get on the phone to say YES right then and there. So why do them at all? They build a relationship, trust, credibility, intimacy, connection. You can get INSTANT feedback if they need more information about working with you.

2) Don’t assume you CANNOT convert on the first conversation either

These are the “Love At First Sight” Consultations™. Meaning, someone could JUST meet you on the phone and say YES to working with you at your biggest program or package. Maybe they are completely cold to you, maybe they read one blog or one video and are ready to sign up for your biggest offering. HOW do you do this? Unconsciously conveying your *knowing* you can help the person on the other end of the phone. If you have doubts, they will feel this, and you will unconsciously turn them off. The first step to mastering “Love At First Sight” Consultations™ is becoming AWARE of the doubts in your mind as you are on a consultation. Then, you will become aware of opportunities to transform them into confidence. And make it EASY for people to say yes to working with you.

3) Don’t overcomplicate the structure of the call.

In order to get someone to YES, 3 things have to be in place: they have to have the GOAL you help people acheive, they have to want that goal MORE than their perceived sacrifices, and they have to TRUST your process will help them acheive it. If any of these three things is off, it will be a NO.   Here is a basic structure: What is your goal? What challenges are you facing to reach this goal? What have you tried up to this point? Here is my recommendation: _________ And then you listen to and work through their concerns and objections. You want to have talking points SPECIFIC to your work. But -  it is not your job to convince them to WANT the goal enough to sacrifice what they think they have to sacrifice.You only have two jobs: 1) Help them see the REALITIES of the sacrifices they will have to make to reach the goal (ie – you still have to eat healthier and exercise if you want to lose 10lbs but maybe you don’t have to give up all your favorite foods and do squats and burpees 1000x/week). And 2) help people find you who actually DO want the goal and are willing to do the work, make the sacrifices.



Still have questions?

I have a basic sales script, how is this different?

 General sales scripts are great to get started, but this is custom to you and your product and service. Are you clear what kinds of questions you need to ask to determine the fit? Are you sure you communicating what you offer really clearly when you share your service? These are all things you will get with a CUSTOMIZED template.

I like to feel natural, is this going to SOUND scripted?

No, this is designed to feel like YOU and sound like you, so why I am going to give you the structure you need to succeed, it isn't a word for word script you are going to read. It gives you enough structure to feel confident, and enough freedom to follow the flow of the conversation and feel like YOU.


If I am getting my FIRST clients, will this help me? 

Absolutely. As long as you know the kind of business you are starting, this will help you convert prospects into clients.

Is this applicable to MY industry? 

Yes, this is why it is customized. Sales is sales is sales. You have to customized the script to YOU, not just your industry. This is why a custom script helps you stand out. Ie if you are in photography, yes you can have a basic sales script for photography, but you still need to make it specific to you and your unique gifts. Same with health coaching, graphic design, etc, etc. I could customize this for you to have a persuasive conversation, negotiation, or be influential with a boss, colleague or stakeholder in Corporate America. It isn't unique to sales people or entrepreneurs. Sales is psychology. It is universal. AND, it needs to be customized to YOU and your unique offering. This is also why no template works universally. But it can be customized based on certain information.

Still have questions? 

Shoot me an email: I will respond personally.