Investing in Your Business


I am so excited you are considering coaching! I know sometimes it isn’t easy to see the plethora of resources available to you, so I have compiled a list to help you brainstorm. Here is a list of all the ways people have paid for coaching. When you believe you can create an amazing ROI, and the ROI is worth it, people get very creative and resourceful!

Remember that I often offer payment plans as well, so please ask if you need that.

  • Cash flow (business, day job,  bridge job)
  • Checking account
  • Savings account
  • Anyone who owes you money
  • Uncashed checks
  • Tax Return
  • Good credit -
    • Credit cards (spreading it out over a few credit cards)
    • Asking for a credit increase on current credit line
    • Getting a new credit card from your bank
    • Paypal credit/financing
    • Blispay
    • Business loans
    • Personal loans
    • Remortgaging a house
    • Using another asset as collateral for credit
  • Poor/fair credit
  • 401k/Roth/IRA/Retirement vehicles/Stocks
  • Investments (Liquid or Non-Liquid)
  • Borrowing, selling people on your vision:
    • Friends and family, partner (some people have even asked exes!)
  • Re-prioritizing your lifestyle:
    • Getting a roommate
    • Renting your place on airbnb
    • Removing expenses
    • Selling things you own (average person has $10-30k of things you can sell)
  • Small business grants
    • Google search: small business grants
    • And google search for you specifically: small business grants FOR _____.
      • For women, veterans, etc

Be mindful that if you are borrowing money, or asking a partner for money, they are going to reflect back to you how YOU feel about it. They are going to mirror you. People love you, and they want to protect you, so if you are afraid and show up asking permission or approval - they will mirror that to you. They will sense that you feel the need to be protected and they will mirror that to you. If you are excited, passionate and confident, they will mirror that. So, use that mirror as an opportunity to see your mind, and decide the direction you want to shift it. VS as an objective reality. If they have doubt, check in with your doubts. If you show up in confidence and faith, they will mirror that back to you. Use it as an opportunity to grow into the person you need to become to create that 6 figure, multiple 6 figure, 7 figure business. How does she/he show up? What does she/he believe about investing? Does she/he trust herself? What patterns do you want to reinforce? Doubt or trust?


How my clients have gotten resourceful:

Hi Kristen!

Absolutely, I'm happy to share my process.  I have a slight advantage because one leg of my business is in the arts, and there is quite a bit available.  However, I'm sure that other clients could uncover lots of resources with a little digging.

I start by hitting the internet and finding every local arts organization that has a reputation for financially supporting classical singers, and create a spreadsheet for the info.  For me, that ends up being stuff like symphony and opera guilds, small arts alliances, groups for African Americans in business, singing competitions, art lover meet ups, etc.  Then I cross reference that list with people that I know to find out who would be willing to connect me to the people in charge of the money.  After that I branch out to the the regional level, then the national level and repeat the same process.

I attend networking events in person too, so I can create in person relationships.  Perhaps most importantly, I make sure to maintain those relationships by inviting people to performances, taking them out to coffee occasionally, generally getting to know them, and making sure they feel valued for something other than their $$. So much of this is in who you know, and I've truly found that the generosity and authenticity you put out to others comes right back to you!  This will probably be more difficult in some industries than others, but there is always a way to find more money.

Also, last year I reclassified my business from a Sole Proprietorship to an S Corp, and that has really helped with getting access to business loans and business credit cards.

I hope this is helpful!

How I think about Investing

I think there is this really interesting trend happening in our world right now. We *seem* to value education. So much so that we are willing to fork out $60-$250k+ in education and living expenses, PLUS 4 years of income lost (average, another $160k), for undergrad education. And then on top of that, several more hundreds of thousands of dollars for masters degrees (+living expenses, and more years of lost income), or tens of thousands of dollars in education around a specific skill or craft - coaching, interior design, photography, etc.

We, as a society, value mastering our skills. Mastering our craft.

But there is a conversation missing. A HUGE piece of the puzzle we aren't talking about enough.

There is a huge problem with our collective narrative.

We shell out, and lose hundreds of thousands, a quarter of a million, half a million dollars towards learning a skill.

And over and over again, I see people who expect themselves to be able to figure out marketing and sales for free, or maybe a few thousand dollars. WHILE making money at the same time.

This is CRAZY.

And it is a HUGE schema shift we need to make as a society, but it has to start with you. And your own schema.

Sales and marketing are SKILL SETS in and of themselves. They MUST be learned. Finding out who your SOULMATE clients is ALSO a process that must be LEARNED. Determining your high ticket OFFER is a SKILL that requires HELP.

You wouldn't expect yourself to "trial and error" your way through becoming a doctor, or a professional photographer, or graphic designer. Of course there will always be some trial and error, but NOT as a baseline. As a musician or athlete, you have a top, private 1-1 coach helping you become excellent in your skill set. Tailoring support to YOU.

Why would you set yourself up to fail by thinking you can trial and error your way through marketing and sales?

If you budgeted $100k and 2 years towards mentoring and coaching for your business, without any income, you would basically break even with someone who has gotten an MBA.

But lucky for you, great mentorship for sales and marketing in service based entrepreneurship doesn't require a $100k and 2 years with no income commitment like an MBA would. You can make money DURING those 2 years (in fact, my clients sell 4 and 5 figure packages a few WEEKS into working with me), AND you can get clarity on who your soulmate clients are and start attracting them within WEEKS, and set yourself up to create a 6-7 figure business long term. A lot more than even most MBA grads make long term.

We are LUCKY that small business mentorship is incredibly inexpensive - relatively speaking - to everything else we spend on education, and requires such a small commitment and allows us to make that investment back nearly immediately. While other people are waiting YEARS for an ROI on investments, master's degrees, etc - if you choose the right person, and work the program - you should be getting a return in weeks or months. Not years.

But we have to shift our schema. And give ourselves permission to get the expert help we need in business. Otherwise, we are setting ourselves up to fail - and that is unfair to ourselves and our dreams. And the people we are meant to serve.

xo Kristen

ROI Possible

(Short Term and Long Term)


This month alone – I am looking at $50,000.

Before working with Kristen, my sales and profits were really terribleOur total revenue was under $5,000. Each client would bring in a couple hundred dollars. I was not focused on what I can do better than anybody else.

Working with Kristen, we got ultra focused. Right now I have ten clients I am working with and I don’t just take any business that comes our way. Now, most of my clients bring in $15k-30k per client. This month alone – I am looking at $50,000. 

We really know who the target market is, what message we want to convey, and what product I can give them. We now have much better clients who really value my experience, my expertise. They really want a wonderful experience and will pay somebody who is an expert to put that together.

I love going to work everyday. I feel like I am really focused on what I can do for people and I really feel good about myself.

Liz Kohler, Travel Consultant - Family Odysseys

I signed up 4 new clients at $1497 in 60 days

"Before working with Kristen, my starting price point was actually $120/hour. Within a few weeks of working with Kristen, I sold my first package for $1200, and signed up 4 people at $1497 during the first 60 days. And I am continuing to raise my price.

The biggest thing for me was getting pushed to grow into a mindset that helped me value myself and my offer more, and gave me so much more confidence to take the action steps necessary to shift into a new model of supporting my clients that I LOVE and so do they!

I had done a marketing program a couple years back before Kristen's, but hers was different in that she tapped more into the mindset aspect of it in a way that I was both ready for and made sense and helped to stretch me - as did her personal support."

Lydia Shatney, Health Coach

I know where I can find the right people

Before my time with Kristen, I was attracting the wrong people.  Now, I have a new approach for seeking clients – and that’s invaluable as well as insight about where I can find the right people.

I learned to identify when to educate a potential client more about the industry, versus when to refer them elsewhere because they aren’t a good fit for me. This is huge and will save both parties time and frustration!

I love Kristen’s formulas! They break down all of the relevant concepts into bite-sized chunks and make it easier to see what’s really going on in a sales situation. In working with Kristen, there was no also adding anything to my “to-do” list, which is fabulous. It’s more of adding perspective and insight to what I’m already doing. Awesome!

Sarah Murphy, Golden Arm Media

I’m now clear on what has been holding me back

I was at a crossroads in my work and trying to take the safe route while knowing that this was going to leave me feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and stressed out.

Kristen has a wonderful way of lovingly challenging you to step outside your comfort zone.

I’m now clear on what I want to do, what has been holding me back, and I have a clear framework for how to approach the next stage.

Hannah Braime, Coach

Closed first $2150 contract in 6 weeks - 5x previous hourly rate

"Before working with Kristen, I was feeling very frustrated in my work. Paid $16 an hour! The work was stressful, and my clients were pushy and disrespectful. After 6 weeks of working with Kristen, I closed my first 4 figure contract - $2150, which was 5 times my previous hourly rate. But beyond just the money, I now believe that what I teach has deep intrinsic value, and it's a gift that I want to share with this world.

I owned a small business in the past, and I did it alone. This time around, when working with Kristen, I noticed the huge increase in motivation that I had when working with someone who gave me direction and feedback and challenged me to challenge my thoughts and my motives. For the first time in my entrepreneurial life, I didn't feel alone. Kristen doesn't let you off the hook. She pushes you to find the very edge of your comfort zone, so that you can grow yourself and your business. Most importantly, I love that spirituality and mindset is an integral part of her process.

Sure, it's a numbers game at some level, but you have to dig deeper to reap the real rewards."

Stephanie Schottel, Language Tutor

More comfortable approaching prospects

Kristen is a great resource for anyone wanting to work with their mindset around sales, marketing, money and building your business.

I have learned a lot of great practical tips that helped me feel more comfortable with sales, approaching prospects, what to work on first and setting goals to bring in cash.

Highly recommend!

Marcella A, Health and Love Coach

I loved the clarity I gained

I was feeling confused and very unsure of what to do next. Kristen didn’t just listen to me and offer advice.  She presented options and questions to help challenge me to really dig down deeper.

I love the clarity I have gained.

I really have gotten so much out of working with Kristen. I am calmer, clearer, and better equipped to handle challenges.

Amber Callahan, Health Coach - Get Plant Fit