How to Get over the Guilt of Asking for Money!

So you can attract IDEAL clients who value and appreciate your expertise, get more YESES, and finally make consistent $5-10k months, WITHOUT feeling pushy, salesy, manipulative (and definitely not guilty!)


Dear ambitious service-based entrepreneur,

You are passionate about your work, and adore serving your clients, but when it comes to asking for the money, you feel salesy, pushy, awkward. Yet, if you don't, you cannot continue to maintain or increase your lifestyle and do the work you love. And have the freedom you started this business for. You will be stuck in a constant loop of sales and marketing because what you are doing isn't that effective. You know your work helps your clients, so why is it so hard to charge what you are worth and stop giving discounts or freebies? I get it. If you are anything like me, you take great pride in the quality of my work. But I used to struggle to get clients to pay $100 for my packages. Feeling like I was taking something from them. Burdening them with the weight of that financial responsibility. All the while, intellectually KNOWING I was helping them create their dreams. And I didn't understand why until I discovered my Sales Shadow™ and it opened my eyes to something much deeper.


I didn't understand why I was so triggered on sales calls in my business - dreading making the offer, anxious to get on the phone (especially when I was selling half a million dollar contracts 2x/mo in my day job!). I finally realized it was something in my OWN psychology that was creating these results. And it was attracting people who couldn't afford it, didn't see the value, weren't that committed. And I kept changing my marketing tactics to try to appeal to people who saw the value, so I wouldn't feel so guilty taking their hard earned money. Needing them to convince ME thoroughly that it wasn't a burden to them to work with me ("are you SURE you want to work with me??"). What I realized though was that it had nothing to do with the right sales copy or elevator pitch, or even limiting beliefs! It was much deeper than that. On the outside, I was projecting confidence, but on the inside, I was insecure, and my clients could unconsciously feel that.


So if you are anxious on sales calls, dread asking for the money, and aren't attracting ideal clients, in this Free Report, I am going to talk about how to discover what is hidden in your unconscious that is stopping you from creating consistent $5-10k++/months, charging what you are worth, a business full of only IDEAL clients who value your unique gifts, and a robust pipeline of prospects who love all the offerings you create and value your creativity. This isn't about reprogramming, law of attraction, healing, positive thinking or vision boards, this is about mastering your own psychology and imagination - like an olympic athlete masters their body - to change the trajectory of your business immediately. And you can attract clients that you have that instant spark and chemistry with, who say yes right away, and are HAPPY to pay what you are worth.


This is the process I used to go from struggle to sell $100 package to confidently selling $15,000 programs. And that I have taught my client 10x their revenue in 6 months, and go from $150 contracts to closing $30,000 contracts. No fancy credentials required. Just a passion for mastering your work, and mastering the mindset of sales. What I know from working with my clients is that this will transform your business results dramatically more than (and more quickly than) any marketing or sales tactical training. And side benefit - you will also start to enjoy it more.

In this report, you will learn:

  • How to attract IDEAL clients you have instant chemistry with - who say yes on the first conversation
  • The Sales Shadow™ that has been stopping you from consistent $5-10k++/months.
  • And of course - the secret no one is talking about to finally Get over the Guilt of Asking for Money

I will teach you a practice you can use TODAY to start shifting the way you think about sales, so you can get more yeses right away.

And all WITHOUT feeling pushy, salesy, or manipulative. You have heard that selling = serving, now it is time to BELIEVE it, live it, be it. And you can double your sales inquiries, double your prices, double your yeses, and 8x your results.

So, let’s dive in! Let’s shift your mindset to attract and convert IDEAL clients who pay you really well!

Step 1: Dig deeper into why you feel guilty.

Instead of avoiding the guilt or trying to positive think your way out of it, you want to go towards it, see what the mind is telling you – uniquely – that you are afraid of. The insight is hiding IN the emotion. Once you have seen what is your unique assumption, THEN you can transform it. Here are some of the common reasons people feel guilty.

 >>> You are worried they will regret working with you

 >>> You are worried that they wont get the result they want

 >>> You are concerned they are sacrificing something else that is important to them

 >>> You are worried they will see you as greedy

Can you dig a little deeper into why you feel guilty? What do you think you are taking away from them? What does paying you mean they lose? What are you trying to protect them from?


Step 2: Understanding the Sales Shadow™

Once you have dug a little deeper into the assumption that was running unconsciously, you are getting closer to seeing your Sales Shadow™. The Sales Shadow™ was created through your unconscious conditioning and personal history to help you avoid pain. Though your current situation may seem uncomfortable, your mind believes that something new *could* be worse, so why risk it? Avoiding the guilt allows you to stay in the status quo vs facing potentially disappointing someone. And the perceived negative consequences and emotions of that. But it also prevents you from serving them too.

Step 3: Challenge the Underlying Assumptions and Transform the Sales Shadow™

At the heart of the matter, the guilt is there because you are trying to protect them from something. What is it? The cool thing here is – you are trying to protect YOU from this same thing. So, when you don’t need to protect YOU, you don’t need to protect them. Here are some examples:

>>> You will not project that they will regret working together – if you have no regrets. If you blame past service providers, you will tolerate them blaming you. If you don’t, you won’t feel guilt.

>>> If you believe others are responsible for your results, you will feel disappointed when they cannot deliver. If you cannot tolerate the disappointment, you will project that onto your clients as well. Which will create guilt or fear of disappointment. But when you know that you are responsible for your results, and service providers are merely tools to help you achieve that, you will let your clients be responsible for their results as well.

>>> You are also not responsible for their goal. It is your job to help them create a goal that is doable for them, but it is their job to set the goal, and do the work required to reach it. Again – do you believe this for YOU? When you do, you will hold the space for them too. And, no guilt.

>>> Do you feel empowered to make decisions about your resources: time, money and energy? Or do you feel like others are constantly asking you sacrifice? When you are empowered to make decisions around your financial priorities, your clients will get to do the same. Again, no more guilt!

>>> And finally – does asking for money make others greedy? How do you feel when you think someone is being greedy? In lack? If someone else being greedy doesn’t impact you, you will stop judging it, and thus not worry if you think your prospects think you are greedy. You aren’t taking anything from them. Besides….money doesn’t make you greedy, greed makes you greedy. You can have no money and be greedy, you can have tons of money and be greedy. You can have no money and be generous, or have tons of money and be generous. Ahh….no more guilt! 

So, what is showing up for you right now? What are you assuming your clients will feel that you are trying to protect them (aka YOU) from?  Are you willing to take responsibility and stop protecting yourself from this? THEN, you are FREE!

And you will stop feeling guilty for getting paid well to give an amazing service.

And guess what? You will also start to attract amazing Ideal Clients who love you, and marketing and sales is going to start feeling LIGHT and FUN when you transform your Sales Shadow™.



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At a time when the real estate market had plummeted into the biggest recession since the Great Depression, Kristen Baker, a recent graduate of Chicago’s prestigious Northwestern University, jumped into the commercial real estate industry. Not one to let her circumstances hold her back or shape her destiny, Kristen created a sales system that resulted in closing over $100 million in sales. Kristen further enhanced her skills by becoming a Certified Jungian Spiritual Psychology Success and Money Coach.


This month alone – I am looking at $50,000.

Before working with Kristen, my sales and profits were really terribleOur total revenue was under $5,000. Each client would bring in a couple hundred dollars. I was not focused on what I can do better than anybody else.

Working with Kristen, we got ultra focused. Right now I have ten clients I am working with and I don’t just take any business that comes our way. Now, most of my clients bring in $15k-30k per client. This month alone – I am looking at $50,000. 

We really know who the target market is, what message we want to convey, and what product I can give them. We now have much better clients who really value my experience, my expertise. They really want a wonderful experience and will pay somebody who is an expert to put that together.

I love going to work everyday. I feel like I am really focused on what I can do for people and I really feel good about myself.

Liz Kohler, Travel Consultant - Family Odysseys